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The North American Plants Difference:​

North American Plants, Inc. is a company dedicated to serving the propagation needs of the wholesale nursery trade. To our friends in the shade tree, container, or liner nursery businesses we are proud to offer high-quality starts of desirable shade tree, shrubs, vines, rootstocks and nut and berry varieties. It is our mission in life to help you reach your nursery's production goals with our well-established, uniform, and competitively-priced transplants.

We focus entirely on the quality and variety of our materials. In addition, our facilities and propagation protocols are designed specifically for the production in vitro of large quantities of woody plants. Perhaps most importantly, our hard-working production team consists of a diverse group of horticulture professionals whose common bond is a passion for what we do. Your satisfaction for quality, selection and price is our highest priority.


At Agromillora Group we like to think that we can see inside things. Starting with ourselves. We know that our passion to help our customers grow has led us to embrace innovation, technology and research—applied to agriculture.

In much the same way , we know how to see the potential inside nature.  There is potential in each tree, in each plant, in each seed.  Our purpose is to improve that potential, make it a reality.  It's something that we carry inside—in our nature.


Agromillora California

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