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Size Formats

We offer three cell sizes for different applications. Small (144 cell) plugs, Medium (50 cell) plugs and our Large (32 cell) plugs are our standard product formats. We direct-stick the plants in all three plug sizes. These three size formats are described in further detail here.

Please note:  All cell formats are grown to order.  Minimum per variety and size is:  576 (144 cell), 500 (50 cell) and 512 (32 cell). 

SMALL (144 plants/flat)

This is our smallest transplant we offer. Small transplants are grown in 3/4" wide by 1 1/2" deep paper plugs. Transplants grown in this soil volume are normally shipped when one to three inches tall. Small transplants are best used for transplanting into smaller containers (less than one gallon) or tree bands.  This size is limited to our blueberry and ornamental offerings.

MEDIUM (50 plants/flat)

Our medium-size transplants are grown in 1 1/2" wide by 2" deep paper plugs. The plants grown in this soil volume typically attain between 6"-12" in height at which point they can be shipped. (Note: Heights may be less than this range depending on the plant and it's roots). The medium size format makes a great transplant into containers 3 gallons and under.  They can also be transplanted directly to the field if so desired.  This is our most popular plug size.

LARGE (32 plants/flat)

Our large size format are grown in 2" by 3.5" deep paper plugs.  The plants grown in this soil volume typically range in size from 8" to14" in height.  These are typically planted directly to the field but can also be transplanted to containers 5 gallons and under.  This plug size is limited to certain varieties we offer.  

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