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Apple Rootstocks (Malus hybrids)

Bud-10® 'Mich 96' USPP21,223 (VC)*

GENEVA® 11 (VC)*

GENEVA® 202 (VC)*

GENEVA® 210 (VC) USPP23,337*

GENEVA® 213 USPP28,581*

GENEVA® 214 USPP23,516 (VC)*

GENEVA® 222 USPP24,834*

GENEVA® 41 USPP17,139 (VC)*

GENEVA® 814 USPP27,643 (VC)*

GENEVA® 890 USPP23,327 (VC)*

GENEVA® 935 USPP17,063 (VC)*

GENEVA® 969 USPP24,073 (VC)*

MM 111 (VC)

Pear Rootstocks (Pyrus communis)

OHxF 87 (VC)

OHxF 97 (VC)

Pyro™ 2-33 'Rhenus 3'

Pistacio Rootstock (Pistacia hybrids)

Pioneer Blue® Platinum


Walnut Rootstocks (Juglans hybrids)

RX1 USPP20,649

VX211 USPP21,179


Rootstocks for Cherries, Almonds, and Stone Fruits (Prunus species and hybrids)


Citation (VC)

Colt (VC)

Controller™ 6 'HBOK 27' USPP23,631 (VC) *

Empyrean®1 'VI89' (VC) *

F.12/1 Mazzard (VC)

Gisela®3 'GI 2091' PP16,173 (VC) * †

Gisela®5 'GI 148/2' (VC) * †

Gisela®6 'GI 148/1' (VC) * †

Gisela®12 'GI 195/2' (VC) * †

Hansen 536 (VC)

Krymsk®5 'VSL-2' (VC) *

Krymsk®6 'LC-52' (VC) *

Krymsk®7 'Elta' PP16,353 (VC) *

Krymsk®86 'AP-1' PP16,272 (VC)  *

Marianna M40 (VC)

Marielle® 'MAR 4001' (VC) *

Maxma® 14 'Brokforest' (VC) *

Myrobalan 29C (VC)

Performer™ Maheleb 'UCMH 56' *

Rootpac® R 'PAC 941' PP21,556 *




1.  Items with * indicate varieties sold under license; trademark and/or patent royalties will be charged and sales are restricted to the United States, only.

2.  (VC) denotes that the variety is Virus Certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.


3.  † Gisela® series cherry rootstocks can only be sold to licensees of Gisela® Inc.

4.  This list is for wholesale-only, US-based customers and cannot be construed as an offering for sale outside of the US or its territories.

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North American Plants is wholesale only.
All material is custom grown to order.
500 plant minimum per variety.
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